WMU Objectives

We as ladies and girls at Charity’s WMU have six specific objectives:

Learning about Missions

We meet three times during the month to learn how we can be involved in missions- 2nd Wednesday morning, 4th Wednesday night, and 4th Sunday night.

Supporting Missions

We support missions through the Cooperative Program, State Missions, World Hunger, Lottie Moon Christmas offering, Annie Armstrong Easter offering, Operation Christmas Child, Backpacks for Appalachia, and our local school system.

Praying for Missions

We pray for our missionaries by utilizing the literature provided by the Southern Baptist Convention during our meetings and weekly ladies prayer time.

Engaging in Missions

We connect the why of missions with the how through our many mission projects such as blankets for Jesus, shoes for Jesus, Love Homer Day, Food Pantry, and through many other small acts of kindness throughout the year.

Involvement in the church and denomination

We work together with other groups in the church and our Tugalo Association to reach others for Christ in our communities and around the globe.

Developing a missions lifestyle

As we learn about missions, support missions, pray for missions, engage in missions, and get involved through the local church and association, we develop a missional lifestyle. A Christian with a missional lifestyle will see needs when others don’t and seek opportunities to share the love of Christ with those in need.