Our Pastor

Meet Our Pastor

Scott Smith and Melissa Murray were married in Nov 1995. They have two children: Avery, born in 2002, and Allie, born in 2006. Melissa graduated from North Georgia College & State University with a Bachelor’s Degree and later with a Master’s Degree. She also graduated with a Specialists’ Degree from the University of Georgia. She currently teaches at Johnson High School in Hall County.

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Scott graduated from Banks Co. High School in 1991. He earned a Diploma in Christian Ministries through the Georgia Baptist Convention in October 2007. He later obtained a Associate’s Degree in Christian Ministry from Leavell College (undergraduate school of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary), then a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry in 2017.

Call to Ministry

Scott received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in late 1991. He was baptized and became a member of B.C. Grant Baptist Church in 1995. Shortly after this, Scott and Melissa began teaching a children’s Sunday School class together. During this period, God began calling Scott to the ministry. He surrendered to this calling in 2002, after serving five years as a deacon at B.C. Grant Baptist Church.

Church Service

From 2003-2008, Scott had the honor of serving as the Children’s Pastor and later as the Associate Pastor at Hazel Creek Baptist Church in Mt. Airy. In June of 2008, Scott was called as the Pastor of Charity Baptist Church in Homer, where he continues to serve to this day.

Philosophy of Ministry

Scott believes all we do is an overflow of our love toward God. He believes we can know God best by knowing and obeying His word, the Bible. What God has already said is more important than anything we can say today. Therefore, the preaching and teaching of God’s written word is the foundation of all we do. Scott believes our leadership style should follow that of Jesus. His leadership style was that of a servant leader and so should ours.